ER&ICU ToolBox 6.0 is a premium medical calculator and rapid reference for Emergency and Critical Care Healthcare Professionals. It was designed to provide comprehensive medical information necessary for all health care professionals who work in the Emergency, ICU/CCU, Pre-Hospital, or Critical Care Transport setting. Healthcare providers have been able to reduce valuable time, stress, and error by using this product. No serious professional should be without this tool.

New 6.0 Features:
• Two new modules added, updated content throughout, new calculators, and much more.
• Auto-updates coming soon!


安装说明:先安装程序包括它的pdb数据库,然后运行一次,退出后安装PDAV reg manager.prc就行了(注意:要先运行一次程序后再安装PDAV reg manager.prc)


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