Important Information, Please Review Carefully:

DayNotez 3 requires Palm OS 5 and is optimized for Treo smartphones.
DayNotez 3 will be a paid upgrade. See upgrade notes below.
There is no update to the Windows desktop application available at this time. See notes below.
Installing the DayNotez 3 beta will convert the installation to the 30 day trial mode until a DayNotez 3 registration code is entered.
DayNotez 3 converts the database to a new version that cannot be read with older versions. Make backup copies of your original databases in the event you wish to drop back to an earlier DayNotez version.
The documentation has not yet been updated.
Although in-house testing has shown the beta to be stable, it still could have problems that result in data loss. Please keep good backups.





Count per Day

  • 254880总阅览数:
  • 32今天阅读数量:
  • 240昨天阅读数量:
  • 206712总访问数:
  • 29今天访问者数:
  • 146昨日访问者数:
  • 0现在在线的访问者数:
  • 2014-02-10计数起始于: